About Us


The Organic Vegan Supermarket was founded in January 2018 based in Table View, Cape Town we were one of South Africa’s first 100% Vegan Supermarkets.

Our Online Supermarket launched in 2018 and currently delivers products across the Cape Town region.

In addition to all your favorite dairy-free, meat-free goodies, you’ll find many exclusive products which may not be available elsewhere.

We are constantly aiming to broaden our range of exciting new brands so that there is always something new to explore.

Having been vegan for a few years, we understand the struggle of trying to figure out ingredients and animal testing policies; we wanted to create a place where everyone could do their shopping with confidence in one place, knowing that all the products were not only plant-based but also cruelty free.

Our aim is to encourage people to make the connection and switch to a kinder, healthier lifestyle, and to make vegan products accessible for everyone.

As a start up business, we also try to support other local independent companies.
Customer service is one of our main priorities; we are constantly trying to improve our product range based on recommendations by our lovely customers.

The Organic Vegan

“Kind to every kind”