About Us

Based in Cape Town, The Organic Vegan is one of Cape Town’s first 100% online vegan supermarkets.

We made the decision to go on this journey after educating ourselves about what is happening in our world. We never thought that it would change our entire being and way of thinking.

We have made so many positive changes and to be able to make this journey easier for any other compassionate people wanting to transition has truly become our passion.

We want to educate, support and spread the love and happiness that we have discovered.

We want to support as many of the local and independent companies in South Africa that are on the same path.

For any vegans or transitioning vegan one of the biggest challenges is the ease of sourcing your monthly and day to day groceries.

We give our customers the comfort and confidence of knowing that all products are plant based and cruelty-free.

We look forward to your feedback and assistance on this journey whether it be our carbon footprint environmentally or our product range and knowledge.

The Organic Vegan looks forward to our vegan journey together and hope to spread the word vegan to all.

We strive for next day deliveries of quality fresh goods from our local farmers…

Enjoy your online shopping experience with us !!!!

The Organic Vegan “Kind to every Kind”